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Popular Everton match

Aug 16, 2023Aug 16, 2023

A popular match day takeaway and bar has announced a major change ahead of its move.

Last month, the Hot Wok Bar on Langham Street, announced they would be “moving with the toffees” and opening a new venue opposite Bramley Moore Dock. The venue will feature an aparthotel, bar and takeaway, and the team “look forward” to welcoming fans when Everton move late next year.

However, the team have today revealed that they will be changing their name, with a mixed response from fans.

Announcing the change on Twitter, the Hot Wok Bar said: “We will be changing the name of the Hot Wok Bar to The Bluehouse Bar. As most regular patrons know, we operate predominantly as a pub on matchdays. The takeaway will remain as Hot Wok.”

Some fans believe the name is a fitting tribute to the old ‘Blue House’ pub however, others aren’t happy about the change.

One Twitter user said: “The only decent thing about goin the game was going the wok before it. Not gonna be the same wen ye say just going for a few ales in the blue house bar.”

However, another fan quickly came to the venue’s defence responding: “Wash ya mouth out. It will continue being great.”

And another said, “You must be fairly young as the blue is a massive part of Everton history mate. And these lads have kept it alive.”